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In this section you will find a carefully selected listing of the wonderful literature which we currently have available....with short descriptions.  Be sure to check here often for additional Titles.  Click on the links below or just use the NEXT buttons at the bottoms of the pages to browse all the books.

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A  master of the use of myth, metaphor, and a good story, Doris Lessing gives her answers to the Four Questions which contain the secret to Living: What am I? Where am I? What's going on here? And What can I do? The books comprising Lessing's Canopus in Argos, Archives sci-fi or space fiction series contain, in my opinion, the best teaching novels of our time. Serious students of Life will find many answers within.

(Please note: The books in the Canopus series are out of print and we sell new and used copies in excellent condition, almost as new, dust jackets sometimes show a little wear, but books are almost as new. Committed to keeping them in circulation, HW Inc. will buy them back from you  providing they are in the same condition. E-mail for details.)


Shikasta means the broken one and is the name of what is obviously Planet Earth, but can also be seen as each of us. The Necessity governs Shikasta and is the true purpose of living. Canopus, the Mother Planet, can be seen as the direct Source for Shikastans, and their Essence, and Canopus is also the fully integrated conscious being, and virtually immortal in a way. Shammat is a demon-like sub-human race whose only purpose is to cause misery and grow fat sucking this particular energy (fear and greed) from the populace. Sirius is a benign part of the galaxy, but though quite ancient and technologically advanced, is completely ignorant of The Necessity, and represents the student of Life.

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The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four & Five

 The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four & Five by DORIS LESSING

A timeless fairytale in style, unlike the other books in the Canopus series. The Queen of Zone Five lives in a beautiful, ideal realm, but discovers she has been asleep on the job. Animals and crops are becoming sterile, the vitality of the people is waning. The Necessity intervenes and the lovely queen finds herself descended into a barbarian land where she is to mate with its brutish king. A perfect exposition of fiction of the journey of the student of Life; everything is covered!

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The Sirian Experiments, The Report of Ambien II of the Five


The Sirian Experiments, The Report of Ambien II of the Five    by DORIS LESSING

Fun space fiction which describes the journey of the student of Life and his or her (in this case her) relationship with the Teacher.

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The Making of the Representative for Planet 8


 The Making of the Representative for Planet 8            by DORIS LESSING

A difficult book in a way because the landscape is so depressing, the existence of its inhabitants so bleak and eventually terrifying.  But well worth the effort because by the end, the reader understands the purpose of all trials and travails in our world, and sees the value of Resistance in the purpose of Life. A glorious book.

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The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire

 The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire            by DORIS LESSING


The Sentimental Agents is altogether different, and very funny, if you can bear a big joke about political rhetoric. It’s got plenty of Teaching in it, too.


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Love, Again


Love, Again  by DORIS LESSING

In this newer novel (not part of the Canopus series) a just-past-middle-age woman is part of a company putting on a play, a tragic romance whose ethereal heroine seems almost to have possessed the company. Everyone is in love or in lust or both. Our heroine, Sarah, had forgotten what it felt like to be in love and in lust and is amazed both at herself and at the mirrors all around her, each reflection different and yet each the same. Lessing shows that what passed for love in the world is really grief, or an imperfect antidote for grief. Separation and union are, in reality, something within, reflected all around us.

Price.....Hardcover New.......$20.00

The Fifth Child



The Fifth Child  by DORIS LESSING

All about letting go of ideals and living a Real Life. A happy extended family falls apart, and a mother is transformed, when the brat from hell is born to them. (Not for pregnant women.)

Price.....Hardcover New..... $20.00

Price.....Softcover New......$10.00


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