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A Brief History of Everything

A Brief History of Everything


"And Spirit is found in the porcess itself, not in any particular epoch or place." While it could be briefer, this sane exposition otherwise lives up to its title, covering everything related to the Four Questions: What am I? Where am I? What's going on here? And What can I do? A wonderful book, full of wisdom, one of my all-time favorites.



One Taste

One Taste The Journals of Ken Wilber


"There is only One Taste in the entire Kosmos, and that taste is Divine, whether it appears in the flesh, in the mind, in the soul."





A Movement And A Rest
Larry O. Underwood, PE

"A Movement and a Rest" is an engineer's answer to a reporter's question "If we can send a man to the moon, why can't we solve our social problems better here on earth?" This Answer describes how the social system into which we are born does not recognize or honor an important force in our everyday lift. The engineering community uses and finds this force vital in its design of just about everything. Our society has largely ignored and even denied the existence of this force. Our language doesn't have a good name for it. The author has termed this force "Second Force." This new term helps to redescribe what many refer to as the wrong and contrary events in our lives." $3.50
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